Sunday, December 11, 2016

Axis network camera \ devices Action & Event web-services C# library

I just finished this project and wanted to share it with the web,
  • Source code available on Git here
  • Official Action & Event services API documentation : here
The new VAPIX Action and Event services API that is available as from firmware 5.50+ uses web-services with SOAP as message content. As it can be a tedious task for new ADP partners to integrate this important feature, the aim of the library is to encapsulate all the SOAP messaging happening and to provide strongly typed objects and methods to deal with the different aspects of the new API. With the source available it's also a good way for helping you better understand the API or refactoring the library to your needs. The API is available on all Axis devices cameras, PACS, network speaker etc ...

Save yourself some time and pain ;-) and try it out, you simply download the dll from the source mentioned above and reference it into your existing VS project.


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